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Tips And Advice For Loading And Unloading Your Moving Truck Properly

3 years 5 months ago #4326 by top5ldh
Tips And Advice For Loading And Unloading Your Moving Truck Properly

You may want to print this article and keep it with you for when you are packing and loading your rental moving truck so things go as smoothly as possible.

When you're loading the truck, proper placement of all items is essential to ensure safe transportation of all of your items so that everything will be a lot easier. Below are a few samples of things that you can do yourself when renting a truck for your move.

You always want to start by loading the heavier items first, this is going to assist with keeping the truck and its load stable on the road. It's a good idea to begin with loading heavy items as well such as sofas, appliances, dressers, buffets and other such items. The main reason that you want to get these items loaded first is so that when you get to the back of the truck you won't have to try and squeeze in such big pieces.

At the back of the truck you also want to place small items that you will need access to. Perhaps you are going to move long-distance with your rental truck, so you want to keep things handy such as medication, clothes, and essential papers. Think about the space that you have in the truck, you want to pack it tightly so that nothing shifts. Load the truck a quarter at a time packing it tightly and tying the load securely with ropes or moving straps.

The heavier items that you have such as refrigerators, sofas, and other heavy appliances, load at the front wall of the truck. You also want to place furniture blankets over all furniture to protect against chipping and scratching. After loading larger items utilize the space above them with smaller items such as light boxes or cushions.

When you come across larger items that are flat such as mirrors, box springs, ironing boards, or mattresses, stand these items up against the walls of the truck and secure them with ropes or straps.

Mears and pictures are extremely delicate. You want to make sure that they are protected by either wrapping them in flat cardboard and taping them, or wrapping them with furniture blankets or other such items to protect them from being damaged.

When you are stacking boxes make sure they are loaded with the larger stronger boxes on the bottom and the lighter smaller boxes on top.

When selecting packing material, make sure you are using proper moving cartons. Many people choose free moving cartons from liquor stores or grocery stores. These are meant for transporting light weight items in freight trucks all stacked on pallets and shrink-wrapped. This is not what you are doing when you are moving a house. The Packers and Movers Ahmedabad boxes are being stacked and placed in many different locations throughout the truck. In addition, these boxes may not always be full like they were when they were originally packaged. The last thing that you want is to arrive at your new house and open the back of the truck and the cartons are all crushed and damaged along with the goods inside that you packed so carefully.

Always keep your valuable papers safe and secure so that they are not lost or damaged during the move. This is especially essential if you are Packers and Movers Ludhiana moving internationally. If you cannot find your passport or drivers license or other credentials, the customs officials will not just wave you through the border.

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